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Rosalia Fazzari never stops moving! As the president and lead designer at Tapestry Decor, and with an experience of more than 20 years, she is busy fabricating stunning designer solutions to give her clients’ dreams a concrete shape.

Rosalia insists being a part of every single process in the build-up to a project. That is why, Tapestry Décor, her design firm, has made an enormous reputation in the and around the City of Toronto and the GTA area.

Tapestry Décor offers a full suite of interior design services, including:

  • Space Planning – Rosalia and her team will encourage you to voice your needs so as to understand the spatial areas that make up your home, and create functional, comfortable designs around them.
  • Kitchen & Bath Design – As two of the most high-traffic areas in any home, excellence in kitchen and bathroom design is essential to your physical and epicurean well being, and is one of our core areas of expertise.
  • Wallpaper & Paint – Whatever your personal aesthetic, Rosalia and her dedicated team will help you find the right colors and patterns to make your home a true reflection of your personality.
  • Drapery & Furniture – Texture is an important part of any design. Rosalia’s exquisite tastes and her team’s experience will come as a real advantage to select perfect fabrics for your space, or help you design around your beloved pieces.
  • Lighting – We work with only the most trusted vendors to bring you high-quality lighting for your space.
  • Accessories – Rosalia’s unique gift for understanding your aesthetic and her audacity to experiment with poise allows us to perfect your design down to the finest details.

Transform Your Space That Subtly and Elegantly Redefines Your Style Statement.
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